*These are staggered so that each workshop will break to observe the Design Challenge and visit the Student Showcase, allowing presenters to get a steady stream of feedback from attendees. The day is designed to align our 3 stakeholder groups—public and private, across sectors— to achieve our mission of bringing more design-driven social impact work to K-12. The goal is for all to leave not only educated and inspired but with a stronger network and an action plan— for the work is only beginning. Because each attendee’s UX will be digitally mapped, everyone will be in contact and groups will be positioned to continue their projects


Juliette LaMontagne

Founder/Director, Breaker

Juliette will address the journey from community schools to solving real-world problems through design challenges and entrepreneurship while building non-cognitive skills and achieving social impact. She’ll also diagram how and why schools should embrace work with outside organizations.


Charity: Water was an Avenues design challenge that allowed students to work with a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. 
Rakka Chocolate was Brooklyn chocolate company looking for new ways to appeal to the Red Hook Community. We partnered them with NYC schools to redesign their wrapper for the better.
The Refugee Design Challenge was a unique Avenues challenge where students got to work with leading victim support organizations such as Womankind, Church World, Service, UNA, and Safe Horizon to develop new ways to discretely distribute necessary help resources. 
Zero Waste Club Design Challenge partnered Zero Waste Members with a Think Zero pro partner to develop innovative ways to limit waste in their school.